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Although many people don’t realise it, lighting is one of the key decor components in any room. This is why you need to be so careful when illuminating a room. If you don’t take the right factors into consideration, you could end up creating the wrong ambience in that particular space. So, if you are interested in lighting up a room the right way, these are all of the rules that you will need to follow:

Don’t Rely on Just One Source

This is a mistake that many homeowners are guilty of. If you check to see how many illumination sources that you have in a room, the answer will probably be one or two. While this will help you to see all of the elements in the room, limiting your sources means that a room will always lack depth.

See, it is important to consider three different illumination sources in any room. The first is known as ambient sources – these include ceiling and wall lights Melbourne. This helps you to view most of the room. Then, there is task lighting – these are sources that should be placed wherever you need to conduct specific tasks in a room. Finally, you have accent lighting. This is mostly decorative pieces that give out smaller amounts of illumination.

Colour is Key

The next aspect to consider is the colour. As you are aware, there are some shades that can completely wash out both your skin tone as well as the fixtures in a room. This is why it is important to avoid fluorescent lighting at all cost. While it may provide plenty of illumination, this source is also quite harsh. Instead, opt for warmer shades like yellow so that a beautiful glow can be cast across every room.

Pay Attention to the Wall Paint

What many people don’t understand is that there is a connection between wall paint and light. For instance, if you have a deep and gorgeous colour on your walls, then you can use the illumination source to help add even more depth. To do this, look for lighting that has similar undertones to the paint. If you are looking to make a certain hue pop instead, though, then halogen lamps are something you should consider. They will make a statement wall stand out even more.

Create a Balance between Form and Function

Most people feel like they have to choose between forms and function when selecting their lighting. This isn’t the case at all, though. Imagine, for example, you want to illuminate your kitchen. Now, since quite a bit of task-oriented activities like chopping and washing up take place here, many feel the need to set up large and bright lamps. This can create a rather harsh feel. An alternative to this, though, is to rely on under the cabinet lighting or hidden illumination strips. These will cast a glow just where you need it to, without being overpowering. Then, you can strategically place lamps or other sources to create a warmer feel.

If you want a room – or home – that is beautifully illuminated, you now know how to get it. So go ahead and give these rules a try.

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