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House mice are considered to be the second most successful mammal on earth, being able to survive in extremely hard conditions with even minimum food and water. House mice account to more than half of the total expenditure on pest control. No matter what Walt Disney has portrayed as Mickey Mouse and also through the Hanna Barbera cartoon character of Jerry, house mice are deadly due to being a carrier of disease. You need to immediately get rid of any mice in your home. These are the reasons they survive so easily.

  1. Ability to survive in various habitats

The house mouse is so adaptable to any sort of living condition that it is being called the ‘mammal weed’. They have been found to infest in dry or wet zones, in the summer or winter, below sea level in coal mines and even in skyscrapers, living in warm air vents. They survive any weather conditions, even if your house is torn down by a tornado. These mice can eat anything and everything and also are well versed to find warm places around the house to reside in. they not only live inside your house, but will also take a walk outside, bring in items to build their warm nest and will make themselves comfortable.

  • Small body size

Their small body size comes in handy when entering and travelling through pipes or small holes. They usually make their own way, biting off little holes in your wooden or plastered walls, so that they have an entire floor plan set to take them to different areas of the house. Once inside the house, they can occupy in very little spaces. Some mice that live in storerooms that provide them ample food sources never leave the room. They can live in small areas forever, as long as they wish. Not just walls but they could easily live inside your electrical equipment such as AC units, underneath the refrigerator etc. It is vital that you bring in pest control Frankston and get your entire home cleaned and pest free.

  • High reproductive potential

Mice are known to produce high amounts of offspring within a very short period of time if the conditions are supportive enough. A few rags to make a warm nest, and they will produce 7 to 13 young at one time. A female can give birth up to 10 or 12 times a year and hence the mice population can increase very fast. Imagine, 7 mice per time, 10 times a year, that’s 70 mice in your house! time to get concerned and bring in the pest control guys.

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