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Laminate flooring is one of most beautiful flooring materials anyone could have in their home. Many homeowners choose laminate floors because aside from its elegance, it is also budget-friendly and easy to maintain. Below are the simple ways you can do to help keep the beauty of your laminate floor.

Basic Care Tips

When you have laminate flooring, never drag anything across its surface since it could lead to scratches or damage the look of your floor. If you want to move furniture or anything around the area, always remember to carry them. You may also add some pads to the legs of your tables and chairs so they don’t scratch the surface.

Proper Cleaning

Laminate floors usually come with a manufacturer’s manual containing cleaning tips and which cleaning materials are safe to use. Generally, routine sweeping and mopping your floor does a lot to keep it looking good as new. Always place a doormat at your doorstep to minimize dirt that enters your home. Laminate floors are not waterproof so always use a well-wringed mop to clean its surface. If you don’t have commercial cleaning products at hand, you can simply mix a cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water and use it to mop the area. Wipe spills immediately with a dry cloth so it doesn’t get absorbed into the material.

Intensive Cleaning

Aside from routine cleaning, it is best to do intensive cleaning from time to time. A microfiber mop used in combination with a specialist cleaning fluid cleans laminate floors thoroughly and removes even the most stubborn dirt. If something is stuck to the floor such as chewing gum or candle wax, use ice to harden the substance and scrape it gently. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth afterwards.


Through time, you might notice that your laminate floor looks dull or not as beautiful as before. To bring back its natural shine, you can apply some floor shiner or floor polisher on its surface. If you don’t have these, the simple vinegar and water solution mentioned earlier does the trick. Sometimes, it is just dirt that makes it look dull. If the laminate floor has grooves in it, make sure to remove hardened dirt on those parts before polishing it.

However, some older floors have endured natural wear and tear that can never be reversed. If you think your floor needs replacement, our company offers plenty of flooring solutions perfect for you. You can choose from a variety of timber and laminate flooring Melbourne that suits your style.

Dealing with Scratches

Scratches and dents are always a part of your floor’s life. Laminate flooring is durable and can withstand even heavy footfalls. Scratches can easily be repaired by laminate repair kits but it is always best to prevent them from happening. Aside from adding pads to your tables and chairs, remember not to use anything abrasive against the laminate surface. It is also best to walk barefoot since some small stones stuck in your footwear can cause minor dents and scratches to the floor.

By following these simple steps, you can be assured of the longevity of your laminate floor.

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