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Ever get bored of the same old boring wall paint or furniture or the look as a whole? Well, all of us crave a change and so do you. So how can you change the atmosphere of your bedroom, your personal haven? Transformation is definitely a process and not just a hasty change. Redecorating takes us a lot of time and patience. So it’s best to research and have it all planned out before starting up.

Organize Your Room

First things first. You must organize your room before getting any further. Out away all your things, stack them up, push your drawers to a corner area, give or throw away any unnecessary items if you have things that can be repaired then keep them separately and organize your room. If things are all around the place, re-decorating can get difficult.


Once you are done with researching and you know what you want, set your budget. It’s very important to have one if you want to prevent overspending. So if you have things at home that can be renovated and used, make sure you make use of them. Things like paint, unwanted furniture, lights, fabric, pillows, and mirrors. However, if you don’t need it, just give it away.


It’s very important to develop a theme. Modern-chic-traditional and bohemian infusion do not go well together, vibrant colors and confusing concept. However, if you stick to a single theme, for example: bohemian, redecorating will get easy. You can buy things related to the theme. Make sure the theme reflects your personality and individualizes the space.


Once you have decided the theme. It’s time to get painting. You can either change the color and pattern of all the walls enclosed or just the main one. Now the pattern and color depends on your preference, but make sure to stick to the theme.  For a more personalized look, you can always use stencils, stickers or wallpapers.


Once you have completed the messy task of painting you can get to furniture. One way to change the environment is to merely shift your furniture pieces. It does make a difference. However, if that is already done you could get new furniture or paint and design the existing one. If you live in a small space you can always get unique furniture items like a sofa bed or the sofa and workstation table. In simple, multifunctional pieces that will allow you to have more space.


The next most obvious factor to work on. Boring and dull lights can really create a dull atmosphere. However, these can definitely be changed. You can change your lamp style, hang some fairy lights above your bed or study table or you can also fasten them above your ceiling for a full dramatic effect. Be careful when using colored lights, too much of it will stray away from the theme and look vibrant but confusing.

Decorate Your Walls

If you have any bare walls, decorate them but nicely. You don’t want to overdo it. Mirrors add a nice touch to the walls, if you like art them paintings, or some other nice frames, glow in the dark stickers, bulletin boards and anything else that you feel will fit in right.

These are a couple of factors you must work on to transform the bedroom. Remember, choose a theme, stick to it.

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