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Whether for business or leisure purposes, serviced apartments are becoming popular lately due to its practicality compared to regular hotel accommodation. Below are the top reasons why more and more travellers choose to stay on serviced apartments.


Serviced apartments provide double the space a regular hotel room has. They are perfect if you need more living space especially when you’re travelling in groups or with your family. However, you may also book one if you don’t want to be stuck in the four corners of a hotel room.

Most serviced apartments Singapore are fully furnished and have amenities just like a typical home. Save a lot in food expenses by cooking your own food in the kitchen. You can also receive guests in the living room or even conduct meetings at the comfort of your home away from home.

Carefree Family Vacation

Serviced apartments are perfect for those travelling with kids since you can never contain their energy in one single room. With complete entertainment system at your hand, you’ll never run out of options to keep everyone entertained. Some offer play areas for kids to help them enjoy the vacation more. Adults can also enjoy in the pool or relax on spa and sauna areas.

Budget Friendly

You don’t have to go for cheaper hotels to cut down on your travel expenses. In fact, you can enjoy high quality accommodation with prices lower than hotels through serviced apartments. Save a lot in your holiday budget by cooking your own meals and stocking groceries and snacks in the fridge. You can use this extra money to more memorable experiences or even go shopping.

Home Away From Home

Some travellers get homesick when they stay in a cramped hotel room. Chase these feelings away by booking a serviced apartment which will only give you a home away from home feeling. The relaxed and accommodating aura of an apartment will surely help you relax and unwind on your vacation. It also offers the same amount of privacy you have in your home since you don’t need to worry about sharing spaces with other guests unlike other motels.

Great Housekeeping

You don’t need to worry about cleaning up all the mess every day because housekeeping will take care of them. You’ll be assured of a carefree stay with the added benefits of great housekeeping service.

So, would you want to stay in a crowded, more expensive hotel or rather relax in a spacious yet more affordable serviced apartment? The choice is yours to make.

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