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Who knew there are so many sofas and couch styles available? Learn a couple of them and experience how they alter and affect your home atmosphere.


A multi piece sofa that is most commonly shaped an L or U. This sofa usually comes in 3 or 5 pieces. The more pieces, the more configurations. Due to its growing popularity, there is a variety of material, colour and pattern choices available.


It is commonly known as the quilted or the tufted style. It originally created so that gentlemen could sit on it without wrinkling their attire. However today it has been proved to be a classy sofa option.

Lawson Style

It is a classic combination of comfort and style. The signature element of this style is the sofa cushions. They are arranged in a comfortable manner and are coloured in contrast to the sofa itself. It is one of the most popularly used sofa styles.

Mid-Century Modern

It was highly popular during the 1930s to 1970’s mid-century period. However do not count it out yet as it is making a record breaking return. It is the blend of minimalism and clean lines and comfort is what makes it look appealing and stylish.

Contemporary Mid-Century Modern

What is today commonly referred to as modern sofa was originally a mid-century one. Despite being introduced so early, it still has many fans of it out here. The modern but simplistic feel is what keeps its popularity growing.

English Rolled Arm Sofa

The English sofa has low arms and a contrasting high back. The upholstery is tight but it is thoroughly well cushioned. It is one of the most comfortable sofas used in the early 20th century.

Bridge Water

It is defined through casual and comfort. If you are looking for a traditional and reasonable sofa then this is it. It is a staple sofa style but not very commonly used today.

Camel Back

Its main design feature is its arch in the middle and the simple lines following to the arms. The sofa is well recognized through its exposed wooden legs. If you are looking for something classic then this is it.


The trademark design element of a cabriole is its continuous and equal length back and arms. The lining of the arms and back are famous to be wooden but today there are many cushioned cabrioles too.

Chaise Lounge

It is a popular type that is commonly used in master bedroom suites. It is extremely known to be found in the patio near the pool. This sofa type usually has a single arm or no arm at all.

Sleeper Sofas

There are many types of sleeper sofas, examples: pull out sofa bed, convertible sofa, Futon, day beds and many more. It is the most common type being the pull out sofa bed. These days these sofa beds are well designed and are very comfortable to sleep in.

Love Seats

A term used for sofas that are specifically made for only two people. Like other sofas, love seats also come in a variety of patterns and styles.


It is a backless sofa. It is required to place them against the wall so that you don’t fall down. You can always arrange pillows as a cushioned back.


A wide chair, more like a love seat but narrower. They are not very comfortable as they are more like dining chairs than sofas. But they make nice foyer pieces.

With so many styles mentioned above and so many more available. Finding the right one for your atmosphere can get tricky.

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